2017 Chinese New Year Event

The 2nd annual Chinese New Year Fair (CNY Fair) was successfully held on February 12, 2017 in Mitchell Park Community Center. More than 2,000 Palo Alto residents and friends of various ethnicities attended the Fair to celebrate the Chinese New Year together. The theme for 2017 CNY Fair was “Make a friend of a different culture”.

All nine Palo Alto city council members and five PAUSD Board members attended the Fair. During his interview, Mayor Greg Schaffer highly praised the Fair and said he hoped this new tradition will continue every year. The 2nd annual Fair was even more successful than the first one indicated not only by the number of participants, but also by the diversity of the participating groups. In addition to the mainland Chinese groups, four Palo Alto schools (Paly, Jordan, Ohlone and Walter Hayes) and a Taiwanese dancing group performed at the Fair. A popular band, People Power, headed by Chinese American Gene Wang, also wowed the crowd.

Over $7,700 income was generated during the Fair and all proceeds were donated to PAUSD to support local schools. Among the recipients were $3200 to PIE, $2500 to PTAC, and $500 to each of the four participating schools to support their art programs.

The Fair was organized by the Palo Alto Chinese community, co-sponsored by the City of Palo Alto and PTA Council. More than $11,000 was raised from the Chinese community to cover the expenses of the Fair. Close to two hundred volunteers worked tirelessly to make this new annual Palo Alto tradition a huge success.

2017继承首庙Palo Alto中国春节庙会的成功经验,第二庙Palo Alto 新年庙会于2017年2月12曰在Mitchell Park社区中心举行。二千多名各族邻居欢聚一起共庆中国新年。第二届庙会的主题是“交不同文化背景的朋友。”

Palo Alto九位市议员和五位学区委员都出席了庙会。市长Greg Scharff在接受釆访时说这样的活动正是我们社区需要的,应该年年办下去。第二届的庙会的比第一届更加成功。 不仅反映在参加人数,而且反映在参加的社区团体上。Palo Alto学区四个学校(Paly, Jordan, Ohlone and Water Hayes),来自台湾的叶老师舞蹈团队以及ABC Gene Wang的精彩专业乐队People Power把庙会水平推到新高。

庙会还将当天$7700收入全部捐献给Palo Alto学校。捐给PIE $3200, PTAC $2500, Paly Chior, PTAs of Jordan PTA, Ohlone, Water Hayes各$500。展现了华人积极为社区做贡献的精神。

本庙会由Palo Alto华人社区主办,Palo Alto市和PTAC协办。庙会一万多美元费用全部由Palo Alto当地商家和热心华人赞助。一百多名义工热心无私奉献把Palo Alto中国春节庙会成功地创办成Palo Alto社区的一年一渡的新传统。


Special Thanks to Sponsors & Volunteers of this Event

Fair Co-chairs:

  • Jeff Chen
  • Lily Chiu
  • Jieming Lin Robinson


  • City of Palo Alto
  • PTA Council


  • Gold Level        Ken Fong, Chairman of Kenson Venture
  • Silver Level       喻鹏, 美国北加州湖北同乡会会长, Huiying Memorial Foundation
  • Bronze Level    The Zeng Foundation, Chinese American Rights Association,  Kate Li
  • Community       Brandy Zha, Qiping Cai  

Community Partners    

  • Gold Level        WeChat
  • Silver Level       Evon Ho, Palo Alto Advanced Dentists
  • Bronze Level    Lan Liu Bowling,  Deleon Realty, Palo Alto Orthodontics 

MC: Clarisse Li, Joy Chen, Dereck Zhao, Cordelia Yu

Planning Committee:

  • Sheena Chin, Hannah Lu, Qiping Cai, Monica Arima, Amy Yang, Debra Cen, Qing Xiao, Jennifer Liu, Nelson Ng, Kate Li, Victoria Liu, Helen Li, Liz Dong, Fiona Yang, Maria Mao, Jenny Quan, Jack Sun, Cathy Williams, Keyi Chang, Michelle Zheng, Ann Xu

Photographers: Jay Zhu, Monica Yeung Arima, Ruth Lin