Celebrate the Year of the Tiger and Support Asian Health Research Education!

Happy Year of the Tiger! The Omicron surge unfortunately prevents us from bringing back the popular Palo Alto Chinese New Year Fair this year. Therefore, WizChinese (wizchinese.org) is reinventing this year’s Chinese New Year celebration by fundraising for Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (https://med.stanford.edu/care.html). The Asian community in Santa Clara makes up more than one third of the total population, yet very little attention has been paid to Asian health research. As a thank you gift to participants of the fundraising, WizChinese will be giving away some very tasty Chinese New Year treats:

Donors of >$100 will each receive a box of exquisite Yunnan style dim sum valued at $29;
Donors of $50 to $99 will each receive a bottle of delicious sauce valued at $12;
Donors of >$20 will be entered into a raffle. Each winner will get a Stanford CARE Mug or the gift certificate ($10) of Dumpling City.

100% of your donation will go to the Stanford Center for Asian American Health Research and Education (Stanford CARE). To make your donation, please PayPal [email protected]. If you would like a tax-deductable letter, please include your address in the note section during your PayPal transaction. We will contact you via email on how to receive your gift.

This campaign ends on Feb. 20, 2022.

Thank You and Have A Prosperous 2022!