Fighting Against Coronavirus

To fight the Coronavirus pandemic, WizChinese started a fundraising campaign in February initially for supporting Wuhan doctors and nurses. With the fast recovery of Wuhan from the pandemic and the urgent need of masks in our community, WizChinese repurposed the fund to purchase masks from China to donate to our community. In addition, WizChinese also encouraged the Chinese community to donate masks directly to their neighbors or through WizChinese for distributing to our community.

We have raised $5800, and spent $3800 to purchase 6000 surgical masks and donated $2000 in check to PTAC’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. We also received 11900 surgical masks and 820 KN95. That generates a total of 18,720 masks for donation.
So far, WizChinese has distributed the masks to the following organizations or public health facilities:
Ravenwood Family Health Center in East Palo Alto,
Palo Alto Medical Foundation,
Palo Alto University Rotary Club,
EPA Police Department,
Sequoias Living Senior Center
Mark Zuckerberg Hospital